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Ramón Monegal Maso, born in 1951, after more than 35 years of successful professional activity as a perfumer and perfume brand operator, opens his own business and composes under his name artistic perfumes in a very personal style, extended by a collection of room fragrances.

Ramón Monegal Maso is part of the perfume history of Barcelona and Spain: fourth generation descendant of the founders of the legendary Myrurgia company, he worked for Myrurgia from 1972 to 1976, then trained in perfumery with his mentor Arturo Jordi Pey (Firmenich) in Geneva, then in Grasse with Marcel Carles, and finally in Paris with Pierre Bourdon and Max Gavarry.

In 1977-1978 he also studied industrial design and product marketing. In 1979 he created his first own very successful perfume for Myrurgia: "Alada". From then on, he was the leading head of Myrurgia's perfume division and developed various products for licensed companies such as Don Algodón, Massimo Dutti (Zara Group), Adolfo Dominguez, Julio Iglesias, Seve Ballesteros, Panama Jack and Antonio Miro.

Besides "Alada", his creations for Don Algodón, Massimo Dutti and Adolfo Dominguez were also successful.

A member of the board of Myrurgia from 1985, he was also appointed vice president of the group.

The company was acquired by Puig in 2000, and the Myrurgia brand is now continued by Puig with various fragrances.

In 2008, Ramón Monegal Maso set up his own business and continues to be responsible for managing the perfume division of Adolfo Dominguez.

In 2009, Ramón Monegal Maso then founded his own company, Monegal Projects, whose first project was the creation of its own brand RM (Ramón Monegal).

At the beginning of 2011, 13 different fragrances, divided into three product areas, were launched on the market and Ramón Monegal Maso thus continues the family tradition. The fragrances are praised as interesting, imaginative compositions with realistic pricing. Hopefully, Ramón Monegal Maso will be able to successfully establish itself in the perfume market and continue the success of the Monegal family.
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Ocean Oud - Ramón Monegal

Ocean Oud Smells like the Ocean
This is the best sea fragrance ever made. Forget about Megamare, AdS and the rest. This fragragnce is another dimension. It smells like the Ocean, when the salty water smashes your face while you are swimming, accompanied by the burning Sun above...

EmorandeiraEmorandeira 1 year ago
Mon Patchouly - Ramón Monegal

Mon Patchouly Patchouli for all!
I have the opportunity to try this perfume since they have included it in a Discovery set that they sent me when I bought another perfume from the brand, flamenco, one of my favorite perfumes. I really appreciate this opportunity as I am generally...

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