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The fashion brand "Replay" is mainly known by denim lovers. However, the company further expanded to offer fine fragrances as well.

"Replay" goes back to Claudio Buziol, born in 1957, whose parents earned their money from a tailor's studio and a fashion store. Buziol himself, after completing his apprenticeship, initially designed and only manufactured men's shirts to expand the range in his parents' store. However, Claudio Buziol preferred a more casual, relaxed, American-style design. That's why he founded his brand "Replay" in 1978, at only 21 years old.

Buziol frequently used a particularly robust fabric type for his jeans, which he had discovered during a study trip to Japan. After dyeing this "Double Ring Denim" fabric blue, the "Replay" jeans were born. At that time, "Replay" already had several boutiques in Italy and the USA, which is why the blue jeans sold quickly and in quantities.

Together with Adriano Goldsmith, Buziol turned the label with its numerous subsidiaries ("Replay", "Replay & Sons" as well as "WeAreReplay") into a flourishing brand around the world whose core business is the latest jeans fashion. After the early death of the company's founder in 2005 at the age of only 47, a foundation was established under his name in 2006 to help young people enter artistic and creative worlds.

In the meantime, the brand sells a complete range of clothing, sponsors athletes, clubs, and advertises with world-famous models.
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Latest Reviews

DragoIvanovDragoIvanov 1 year ago
Too resinious, too dence sweet, not for me. But my 13 years old son loves it. Strong projection, very good longivity, but so heavy for me, just can`t get used to it. Even in winter it is overbearing and underwhelming to me and to some of people...
DemeteraDemetera 2 years ago
I tried in a shop after smelling 20-30 fragrances, and I bought it with some other sweet fragrances. Some days later I tried it.. and it was not the greatest of all the time. Its a syrup-sweet synthetic fragrance with some undefinied spices, but the overall...

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