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Founded by Raymond Cloosterman in 2000, Rituals Cosmetics is headquartered in Amsterdam and has over 800 stores worldwide.

Its portfolio includes body and facial care lines, as well as products for the olfactory optimization of the living space.

In terms of product concept, Rituals draws on ancient Far Eastern traditions and combines carefully selected ingredients with modern manufacturing processes. According to the company, natural, renewable raw materials as well as harmless base materials are to be used. The company is explicitly in favor of animal welfare and supports the Dutch Association to Combat Animal Testing.
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Latest Reviews

ArcaneArcane 8 months ago
Oriental Essence - Bleu Byzantin - Rituals

Oriental Essence - Bleu Byzantin If only...
...those Rituals... would last a slight bit longer. Then the Amsterdam-based brand, with their slick presentation and accessible stores happily peddling a pseudo-spiritual wellness experience, would definitely be higher up in the hierarchy of Planet Fragrance...

CumulnimbusCumulnimbus 5 years ago
Oriental Essence - Elixir d'Orient / Eau d'Orient - Rituals

Oriental Essence - Elixir d'Orient / Eau d'Orient A versatile and worthy sweet smoky oriental
Gentle and modern peppery spicy smoked woods. I detect too soft sweet amber. Nice and wearable, if you are an incense note fan you might want to give it a try. I find it can be easily used all year around in not too warm...

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