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Paul Jean Robert Piguet, born in Switzerland in 1898, developed a passion for design, fashion, and fragrances entirely on his own. His parents, being bankers and merchants, were far from being enthusiastic when Piguet went to Paris at only 17 to continue his education.

When Robert Piguet opened a fashion studio in Paris after graduating in 1933, what he had learned and his aristocratic background began to pay off. He quickly made a name for himself with clean lines, subtle coloring, fine fabrics, and a strict sense of detail. It was also helpful that Piguet also moved privately in the upscale society of his customers. Thus, figures such as Colette, Jean Cocteau, Édith Piaf, and Jean Marais were among his fans and friends earlier. This success in the fashion industry enabled Robert Piguet to found a fashion salon as early as 1933, which moved to Paris' most noble address, the Champs-Élysées, in 1938.

After Robert Piguet was well established in the fashion world, he shifted his attention to the world of fragrances starting in 1944. It appeared in the same year as "Bandit", a fragrance between mugwort, carnation, jasmine, leather, musk, orange, and bergamot. Other fragrances manufactured by Robert Piguet were "Visa" (1945), "Fracas" (1948), and "Bagari" (1950).

In 1953, the fashion and fragrance designer passed away. His employees created another fragrance in his honor, which appeared in 1963 under the name "Cravache".
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Latest Reviews

AlebhoAlebho 3 months ago
Casbah - Robert Piguet

Casbah Top level of green incense
Here the level is very high. It's a very good cathedralic spicy incense with a dark but very present accord of natural resinous oil notes, that will be always in couple with this high incense Carterii and other. All it's perfect, and I can't...

KuraiKurai 7 months ago
Futur (Eau de Parfum) - Robert Piguet

Futur (Eau de Parfum) Greener than green
This is one for green scent fanatics. Robert Piguet's Futur is green to the point that it's more vegetale than floral. A bunch of leaves, stems and twigs, so to speak. Now and then a jasmin petal floats by. A quick soapy intermezzo follows, while...

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