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The Italian fashion brand "Salvatore Ferragamo" is characterized by supremely high materials, impeccable workmanship and noble designs.

The company founder Salvatore Ferragamo (1898 – 1960) not only built and sustained a fashion empire, but kept his legacy to his wife and six kids.

One reason for this could lie in the early stages of the company, in which Ferragamo began his craft as a shoe designer in Hollywood. Thus, Salvatore Ferragamo created unique shoes for Ava Gardner, Judy Garland and Katherine Hepburn, hence the nickname ‘Shoemaker of the Stars’!

Also, the Italian is now considered the inventor of the wedge heel.

Offerings of this brand include shoes, recurring new clothing collections, handbags, wristwatches, accessories and fine fragrances - each for men and women.

In addition to the above, gifts for selected events such as Father's Day are also launched time and again.

Especially for the ladies, the brand "Salvatore Ferragamo" has created the fragrance series "SETA". Each individual perfume is based on natural fruit or floral scents, created and varied by master perfume experts. The fragrance palette ranges from grapefruit and yuzu to orange peel, tumut pepper and musk. On this basis, the most diverse fragrance creations such as "Giardini", "Savane", "Giungle" or "Ocean" are created - always new, always interesting and always natural.

And due to the innovative character of the Italian brand, the ingredients are almost completely biodegradable.

Since 1995, the "Museo Salvatore Ferragamo" has been dedicated to the designer in Florence.
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