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The oldest perfumery by far is probably "Santa Maria Novella". The Italian luxury label's roots trace back to 1221 when a monastery of this name was founded in Florence and run by monks. The garden of Tuscany was the source of numerous local herbs, which were processed into medicine in the monastery's pharmacy. Then, in 1380, the city was brushed with the plague, which augmented the need for medication and beautiful fragrances.

In 1533, Catherine de Medici set out from Florence to marry the French king, bringing her perfumer Renato Bianco to France. Consequently, the brand with the deep heritage and high-quality ingredients commanded the respect of worldwide customers.

Since then, a lot has happened at "Santa Maria Novella". The assortment has been expanded repeatedly and adapted to the current demand. The development from medicinal tinctures to natural fragrance and care products has been particularly noticeable. "Santa Maria Novella" currently sells not only luxurious perfumes but also skincare products (creams, skincare milk, face masks, etc.), body care products (shower gel, liquid soap, bath salts, etc.), and room fragrances (scented candles, atomizers, scented sachets, and tablets, etc.).

In addition, "Santa Maria Novella" has created "Acqua della Regina" - the special collection in honor of the brand's 800th anniversary.

Those interested in the numerous luxury fragrances and aromas of "Santa Maria Novella" can purchase them in selected online stores, and the label's homepage.
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Latest Reviews

BelleoteroBelleotero 9 months ago
Calicantus - Santa Maria Novella

Calicantus a favourite from this house
Warm, sweet dry woods underlying rich yet delicate blended floral notes, lightly spiced, with some powder and a suggestion of oakmoss. This is absolutely *not* the green floral Parfumo’s summary notes indicate! It is in a more oriental...

NgarciaNgarcia 1 year ago
Ambra - Santa Maria Novella

Ambra Into the smell of Grenouille's spell
Since the opening it caught my attention, it's a unique combination of amber, birch, benzoin and orange, giving a citrus-amber vibe, but not too sweet. It reminds a little to the smell of Blue Amber, that cozy feeling of an old loft,...

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