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IcekatIcekat 7 years ago
Perfect Veil (Eau de Parfum) - Sarah Horowitz Parfums

Perfect Veil (Eau de Parfum) Soft and cuddly
Perfect Veil is a soft, cuddly, comforting and pleasant scent. It is slightly powdery and sweet, very gentle and reminds me of a clean and fluffy pure white cotton blanket. The scent opens with a touch of lemon and musk. Then as it develops,...

FlavoriteFlavorite 9 years ago
Perfect Vanilla (Eau de Parfum) - Sarah Horowitz Parfums

Perfect Vanilla (Eau de Parfum) Candied Orange Vanilla
This may indeed be someone's HG Vanilla scent, it is lovely and quite concentrated with a fruity, little powdery musk, spice and amber in the drydown. The sillage is moderate (about one meter), and the ambery note melts into the skin getting...

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