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Slava Zaïtsev is a fashion designer from Russia. Among other things, he designed the uniforms for the Soviet Olympic team in 1980 and founded the Soviet Fashion House 8 years later. In France, he was made an honorary citizen of Paris by Jacques Chirac after presenting his collection in France.
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Latest Reviews

ChimidoroChimidoro 5 years ago
Maroussia - Slava Zaïtsev

Maroussia In The Heat Of The Morning
Quite possibly my favorite orange blossom based scent. Resinous, woody & creamy. Delectably sweet cinnamon, marzipan, orange blossom & sandalwood. Tenacious, though with soft projection. Can last for up to 8 hours on my skin,...

AmySourbuttsAmySourbutts 8 years ago
Maroussia - Slava Zaïtsev

Maroussia Is Too Much Ever Enough?
I'm ambivalent about this fragrance. I like the spiciness of this, and I love orientals, but there's something that makes me wonder if I do, or even should, like this. Is it possible for a fragrance to be slightly kitsch? Perhaps it's...

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