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soOud is the name of a brand founded in 2010 by Stéphane Humbert Lucas (one of the two noses behind Nez à Nez) in cooperation with perfume wholesaler Intertrade Europe.

SoOud is a play on the Arabic noble name Saoud, which emphasizes the ingredient oud, and indeed half of soOud's perfumes so far are also oud fragrances (the bottles with the golden lids).

The program of the line is the fragrance encounter of Orient and Occident. The conception of the fragrances, their names and the design are completely under this motto.

The three-layered nature of the flacons (closed at the bottom - transparent in the middle - closed at the top) is intended to be reminiscent of a Muslim veil, and one of the perfumes is explicitly called "Burqua" (a burqa is a complete veil; known in this country as the Afghan blue burqa). There is talk in soOud's advertising of the eroticism of veiling and the mystery of veiled femininity. Whether this is a new, non-Eurocentric way of intercultural rapprochement or the projection of naïve aesthetic mind games, each and everyone may decide for themselves.

soOud is launching fragrances in two new concentrations: Eau Fine (15% concentration of aromatic oils) and Parfum Nectar (35%). For comparison, the extract concentration is 15-30%. The fragrances are very artfully composed from high-quality ingredients and offer a contemporary interpretation of the term "oriental", which does not repeat what European fragrance ideas have understood by it so far.
Research and text by LouceLouce

Latest Reviews

ScentFanScentFan 6 years ago
Nùr Parfum Nektar (Extrait) - soOud

Nùr Parfum Nektar (Extrait) Nose Closer
Wish I could tell you what this perfume smells like. I can't. It closed my nose on first whiff, which means it's full of questionable synthetics. For a good twenty minutes I couldn't smell anything at all, including the beauties of which I'd also...

DrseidDrseid 10 years ago
Burqa Eau Fine (Eau de Parfum) - soOud

Burqa Eau Fine (Eau de Parfum) Eau So Fine and Eau So Pricey...
This is a review of the "Eau Fine" version of Burqa... Burqa opens with a very nice subtle jasmine and rose tandem that quickly adds a violet note into the mix creating a very interesting combination that is hard to describe,...

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