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CarboytonyCarboytony 1 year ago
Cherry Vanilla Amberosia (Perfume) - Solstice Scents

Cherry Vanilla Amberosia (Perfume) Ambery sweetness
This is a warm and delicious amber gourmand. On my skin the amber is dominant, but is heavily accented with rich dark and Maraschino cherries, sweet creamy vanilla, luscious whipped cream and orange shore up the rest of the scent. Hints of incense...

GreenfaerieGreenfaerie 3 years ago
Runestone (Eau de Parfum) - Solstice Scents

Runestone (Eau de Parfum) For outdoor enthusiasts!
If you love the great outdoors, the scents of herbs and aromatic plants, and woods, this one is for you. It's certainly for me! There is no sweetness in this fragrance. It starts out very green in an herbal way, possibly more like dried...

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