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Among perfumers, there are a few individual noses that go their own special way beyond big brands, international professional marketing and classic perfume careers. Laurie Erickson is one of them.

She runs Sonoma Scent Studio in the small town of Healdsburg in the northern California wine region of Sonoma. That's where Laurie Erickson, a native of the area, grew up and learned about her passion for natural scents while gardening at home. The studied environmental engineer specialized professionally in the hobby of fragrance composition in 2004 and since then she has been working as a perfumer, entrepreneur and PR manager in her own mini-brand in a picturesque cottage with a large garden.

Her perfumes have a high concentration (20-24%, which corresponds to the extract) and contain some standards of synthetic as well as as many natural ingredients as possible.

The very individual position allows Laurie Erickson extensive artistic freedom: independent of market interests, she pursues her own, first completely private fragrance experience on the trail of globally sourced ingredients, sometimes staying longer on a "musk trip", then on a "violet trip", and offers the perfumes she develops in the process on her homepage - increasingly with international attention and success.
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Latest Reviews

CarboytonyCarboytony 2 years ago
Forest Walk - Sonoma Scent Studio

Forest Walk Balm for the nature lover who cannot walk in the woods
This is balm for the soul, a great scent for a day when you can't get out to go for a hike in the woods. To me this does smell very close to an actual walk in the woods: Fir, Hemlock, Cedar, damp earth, with...

GreenfaerieGreenfaerie 4 years ago
Fig Tree - Sonoma Scent Studio

Fig Tree Superior Fig
This is the only fig fragrance I can wear. I have tried many, including the one by Diptyque, which is more like coconut than fig, but Fig Tree is the fresh, sweet fruit straight off the tree to the point where you can even smell the essence of the tree...

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