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Of all the international fragrance creators, France's Stéphane Humbert Lucas has probably the most unusual approach. That is because Lucas draws his inspiration from various arts that have nothing in common with fragrances and flavors. The starting point for his work is an easel. There, he captures thoughts, notes, poems, images, and colors that flow through him. The resulting contrasts between harmony and the contradiction Lucas then try to translate into exclusive fragrances. Lucas also developed a soft spot for the Orient following many visits to the Middle East, which was evident in his first fragrance series (2012).

In the world of Stéphane Humbert Lucas, each color can be assigned its respective fragrance. That is why he creates his unique aromas according to the principle of synesthesia, meaning a direct correlation between both olfactory and visual senses.

The most notable fragrance creation by Lucas is probably the "777" series. Each bottle is modeled on an oriental temple with a dome and, once opened, exudes precisely such a fragrance. Whether the woody-spicy "Taklamakan", the oriental-sweet "Khol de Bahrein" or the floral-leathery "Manteuse" - with his creations for men and women, Lucas always evokes stories from the Arabian Nights.

The oriental world of fragrances by Stéphane Humbert Lucas (SHL) is available in selected boutiques and the brand's online store.
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RammoRammo 1 day ago
Crying of Evil - Stéphane Humbert Lucas

Crying of Evil Crying of Evil
Stephane Humbert Lucas Crying of Evil…what a great name by the way….its a purple serpent that got me the moment it bit into my senses…a powdery violet experience with an amber base and a sweet fruity and tangy splash of red berries it truly...

AldmoniAldmoni 2 months ago
2022 Generation Man - Stéphane Humbert Lucas

2022 Generation Man Slightly Interesting
Think Xerjoff More than Words but a bit more grown up with a bowtie. It's dry, more mature. Could be unisex, but feels more masculine. While More Than Words is heavy on the fruits all through, this is fairly more balanced with the Oud in it. Burst...

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