Sultan Pasha Attars

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Perfumes of this brand have been rated 8.6 of 10 on average. 582 perfume ratings have been submitted so far.

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GreenfaerieGreenfaerie 2 years ago
Carnival d'Havana - Sultan Pasha Attars

Carnival d'Havana Hyped
God this stuff is terrible!!! It smells nothing like mango, tobacco or anything else except some bizarre celery-like note. It never smells like anything else! I tried a drop smeared around, and I tried a thicker application. Nothing helped to bring out any of the suggested...

JackHunter33JackHunter33 2 years ago
Vetiver Blanc - Sultan Pasha Attars

Vetiver Blanc Vetiver Floral Freshness
Now this is gorgeous and I like it which is a surprise as I don't like tuberose in a scent but here it's blended well so I don't mind it so much. It does lean towards the feminine spectrum but not crazy so that I did not enjoy it. It's very...

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