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"Superdry" is a UK-based global lifestyle brand that took the fashion world by storm. It was founded in 1985 under the leadership of Julian Dunkerton and his business partner, who initially created their brand "Cult Clothing", initially known for its alternative and vintage clothes.

After a few years of solid sales, the two owners brought fashion designer James Holder into the company in 2003 to create a completely new fashion brand. The new name "Superdry" was created during a brainstorming session in a bar in Tokyo. To highlight the differences between old and new fashions, the company set up its boutiques and stores for "Superdry" from 2004 onwards.

Three product lines were introduced in 2006 in the course of Superdry's expansion (officially "Superdry Plc"). These were specifically the surf fashion "SurfCo California", the skater fashion "77Breed" and the basic range ("Superdry") that featured stores in almost all Western countries (including the flagship store in London with 22,000 square meters of space).

Due to its smashing success, "Superdry" was able to go public in 2010. The temporary end of the expansion was reached in 2018 when "Superdry" was represented with franchisees, licenses, and concessions in 160 countries (also in Berlin and Munich).

Superdry’s style ranges between American streetwear, preppy elements, and boundary-pushing designs, also favored by some celebrities such as Helena Christensen, Zac Efron, and David Beckham who brought additional popularity to the brand.

"Superdry" strives for maximum sustainability in many areas. For example, plastic bottles are recycled, air freight costs are minimized, CO2 emissions are reduced to zero, and cotton seeds are donated.

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Latest Reviews

CoryCory 11 years ago
Black - Superdry

Black Superdry, the sweet incense stick
Black is besides Steel the second Superdry fragrance in Zippo-Style flask. In this case, the flask is black with dark glass. I like the package as it is something special and suits well to the fashion of this label. Black surely...

CoryCory 11 years ago
Steel - Superdry

Steel Superdry – totally fresh !
Steel is the one fragrance (of two in total) in Zippo Style Flask, which is more suited to daily use. I like the flask, in this case in steel and transparent. The dosage while spraying is a little bit spare, so I have to use it 2 or 3 times...

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