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Tom Ford has long been no stranger to the fashion world: his creations have been regularly seen on Hollywood stars and in "Vogue" for decades. The American came into contact with the development of fragrances as early as the early 1990s.

In 1992, Ford became creative director at Gucci and thus also had the say over the perfume division. In 2000, he also took over creative direction at Yves Saint Laurent and was responsible for one of the pioneering men's fragrances of the new millennium: "M7. In this fragrance, the oud theme was implemented in a mass-compatible way for the first time and made accessible to a broad consumer base.

In 2005, Ford announced a partnership with Estée Lauder, which resulted in the creation of his own brand: Tom Ford Beauty. In addition to cosmetics, two fragrance lines are marketed. "Black Orchid", the first perfume in the lower-priced "Signature" line, was introduced in 2006. The discerning perfume lover has been getting his money's worth since 2007 with the "Private Blend" range. Crowd favorites such as "Tobacco Vanilla," "Tuscan Leather" and "Oud Wood" are represented here.

The design of Ford's fragrance bottles may be simple, but the catchy advertising is all the more shrill: "M7" was already advertised with a full-body shot of a stark naked Samuel de Cubber.
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FantOmaSSFantOmaSS 22 hours ago
Soleil Neige (Eau de Parfum) - Tom Ford

Soleil Neige (Eau de Parfum) Amazing white polar scent !!
Soleil Neige... The name alone evokes a radiant facet of Tom Ford's universe. This universe inspired Soleil Neige, a polar version of the amber floral fragrance, Soleil Blanc. Soleil Neige transports you to an eternal vacation, surrounded...

FantOmaSSFantOmaSS 2 days ago
London - Tom Ford

London Bottled cat piss...
A blind purchase can sometimes come as a surprise. Sometimes it is not what you expected... That's what happened to me with this London. Not that this scent is bad, but to my opinioni it will take quite a while before i tame it. We are here on a hot,...

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