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The fashion label "Tommy Hilfiger" is one of the largest international global players in the fashion industry. It features a wide range of fabulous clothing based on the current trends.

The brand was founded in 1985 by fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. The son of a nurse and a watchmaker began his career directly after school with his fashion boutique in his hometown. Despite initial successes, his "People's Place" boutique went bankrupt and Hilfiger settled in New York, where he used his talent as a fashion designer to eventually found the "Tommy Hilfiger Corporation."

Tommy Hilfiger nestles three main product groups: men, women, and children clothing, shoes, perfumes, accessories, and small furniture. HILFIGER DENIM mainly offers all kinds of jeans, most of which are aimed at a youthful target group. The third product group was HILFIGER SPORT, which until 2010 included sports and training clothing. In the course of a restructuring, it became TOMMYNOW DRIVE in 2015.

The company founder sold his brand to a group of investors back in 2005. Hilfiger, however, continues to act as CEO and the brand's most notable designer. This was not changed by another sale in 2010.

For his achievements and merits, Tommy Hilfiger was honored as "Menswear Designer of the Year" (1995) and with a "Bambi" in the category fashion (2008).
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Latest Reviews

LalbinoLalbino 12 months ago
Tommy Into The Surf - Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Into The Surf Good to start surfing ... other perfume waves
This is a scent with balanced wood notes, fresh with hints of spice and a very light citrus touch on the top notes. It has a medium longevity and maintains a pleasant freshness over time (4 - 5 hours). The sillage it isn´t...

Wolfgang1987Wolfgang1987 1 year ago
Tommy (Cologne) - Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy (Cologne) Tommy Hilfiger EDT
This is a classic scent. Used to be my signature. I love that lavender, Mint and Apple opening. It's very green and fresh and smells almost edible. And the cactus and cotton base melds well with the fruity accords. It holds some good memories...

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