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Behind the name Ulric de Varens is a large international company founded by Ulric Viellard in Paris in 1981, which has made it its program to conceive undisclosed, less complex, but good, everyday perfumes and to offer them at deliberately low prices. The motto is a variation of the less-is-more maxim: "a new concept in perfumery, less complex, liberated, fun ... more of lifestyle." The two chief designers are Ulric Viellard himself and perfumer Thierry de Baschmakoff.

A broad public is addressed, not an exclusive circle of the wealthy. The Ulric de Varens brand specializes in drugstores and is now the undisputed leader in this market in many countries (including Germany).

The goal of "luxury for everyone" does not have to be at the expense of quality: Ulric de Varens does indeed renounce rare ingredients, long development time and multi-layered, artful composition, but not the claim to produce good and very good perfume: "cheap" does not have to mean "cheap".

This concept is also attractive to famous noses, and the requirement to work under quite narrow, mass-market conditions can certainly be interesting for renowned professionals - for example, Pierre Bourdon (10 fragrances of the "Original" series) or Jean Claude Ellena ("Lily Prune - Sublime Vanilla") already worked for the brand.
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Latest Reviews

SmellsbellsSmellsbells 3 months ago
Varens d'Orient Nomad - Ulric de Varens

Varens d'Orient Nomad not feeling it.
Ultramale? no way..not even close. its very weak on me. I get the apple and musk but overall very generic and boring. Was a bummer to me. the red elixer one is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better- UDV can be hit or miss but this one is a miss to me. I had high...

DPArtistDPArtist 4 months ago
Jacques Saint Pres - Version Black - Ulric de Varens

Jacques Saint Pres - Version Black Easy grab fresh scent!
I owned this many moons ago a long time before I got into fragrances in a big way and I've recently purchased a bottle to use as a kind of versatile easy reach fresh aromatic scent for when I'm not sure what to wear, don't feel like wearing...

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