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The siblings Tiziana and Paolo Terenzi come from a traditional Italian family that has lived at the foot of Gradara Castle for over 700 years. A close relationship with history, mysticism, legends, and nature, therefore, shaped them. Their homeland is filled with passion, love, sin, virtues, vice, and adventure. And it is precisely from these qualities that the Terenzis wanted to recreate the most enchanting love story ever written through precious and evocative fragrances.

Driven by the lush inspirational sources surrounding the medieval castle, Tiziana and Paolo Terenzi founded their label V Canto and launched their first artistic creation, "Mastin," in 2015. Above all, the "Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri acted as a kind of "godfather" in the founding. Ten other unisex fragrances followed in the same year immediately after the appearance of "Mastin", including "Magnificat," "Mirabile" and "Mea Culpa".

Paolo Terenzi also acts as a perfumer for V Canto, preferring high-quality raw materials and fruits such as plum, orange, pineapple, raspberry, and coconut in his search for fragrances in the form of medieval poetry. Then, bergamot, sandalwood, or musk are used when refining the base. The aromas are therefore fresh-spicy, floral-sweet, or even spicy-woody.

V Canto's elegant and sophisticated bottle design makes them sought-after collectibles with a poetic-historical claim. These creations can be bought via beauty portals, upscale retail stores, large department stores, and the brand's website.

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Latest Reviews

BobbyGeeBobbyGee 28 days ago
Alibi - V Canto

Alibi V Canto / Alibi
Mmmm, great smell - according to my nose and feeling - it's a hybrid of 3 fragrances: Fumidus, Enre Noire and Dark Aoud (Montale) / possibly Oud Imperial (Perris Monte Carlo). A nice tree plant with patchouli, vetiveria ... you can feel the earth...

AlwaysUpAlwaysUp 2 months ago
Misiarte - V Canto

Misiarte Tropical holidays
This one promised me a lot. It said: come with me, I will show you that there is a sparkling life over there. I will show you my Caribbean, we are going to be 2 paradise birds, and will eat only tropical fruit, and live on coconut milk, we will...

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