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José Victor Rodriguez Caro (Victorio), born in Cordoba in 1952, and José Luis Medina del Corral (Lucchino), born in Seville in 1954, met in 1972 while working for the design company Disart in Seville. At the end of the 70's they founded the brand Victorio & Lucchino to realize their own ideas for extraordinary wedding dresses.

In 1984 they were able to present their first collection in Barcelona, which was very well received, so that just one year later they were able to present their collection in New York.

Their designs are mainly inspired by the spirit of Andalusia, very feminine and truly exceptional. As the duo themselves say, "We create our creations amidst the scents of geranium, basil and myrtle. Our ideas are mixed and interwoven to create images reminiscent of streets, boulevards and rivers, fully studded with stars."

You work with velvet and silk to create creations that are different in every way from those of other designers. For example, you also designed a dress that Whitney Houston wore in the movie "Bodyguard".

Victorio & Lucchino today occupy an important place in the field of exceptional bridal fashion and have created an international name for themselves.

In Madrid, they designed the interior of the 5th floor of a luxury hotel, which bears their signature as much as their creations.

Through their success in the fashion market, they decided to include fragrances and accessories in their program, launching "Carmen" as their first fragrance in 1992. At the same time, they dedicated themselves to a jewelry collection.

Like all their works, Victorio & Lucchino fragrances are influenced by their country, Andalusia, in whose capital Seville they live and work. Capturing the mystique and magic, the light and aura of Andalusia and bringing it to life in fragrances was their goal.

In the meantime, other fragrances have been created, such as "Abril", "V & L", "Luz", "Agua de Rocio", "Bambina", "Flores Frescas", "Hechizo" and others, all of which have written their own success story. In 2010, Victorio & Lucchino launched their first fragrance for men, "Hombre". So you can be curious how the success story continues.
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