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This name stands for the rock solid connection of two highly talented designers from Holland, according to their own statement the "no man's land of fashion". They know and appreciate each other since they studied together.

Elegance and wearability they have written as a motto on their flags but also the individuality they want to leave much room. In every collection they show playful elements up to the dramatic. So you can't really put them into one category and they don't want to. Fashion - for them that means first and foremost liberation, liberation from the dreariness of everyday life and the narrowness of conventions. In any case, the designer duo is always good for a surprise, such as their collaboration with H&M.

The two intellectual fashionistas are also masters of the art of perfume creation. "Flowerbomb" or "Antidote" are little works of art for everyone and worth every penny. Unfortunately, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket to afford them.
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Latest Reviews

Oldish2002Oldish2002 5 days ago
The legendary SE. Very popular and most of the times we've heard positive things about it. I can agree on that. The smell is undoubtedly very pleasant. Sweet, spicy, creamy and pretty appealing especially for the people with a sweet taste....
Loulou31Loulou31 1 month ago
Diese Gewürzbombe ist ein kleines Juwel, ich habe meinem Mann mehrere Flaschen geschenkt, sie ist so heiß, voll mit süßen und einigen heißeren Gewürzen. Es ist auch süß und sexy. Die Sillage ist großartig. Ich ziehe diesen Duft dem extremen vor, den ich ihm auch...

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