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MontanaBMontanaB 8 months ago
Skins x Vilhelm - Vilhelm Parfumerie

Skins x Vilhelm not my type of scent
This one went straight to being pickled cucumbers on my skin. Where the hell is the sandalwood. I can buy pickles and soak my clothes in the juice and let it dry down and this would be on spot aroma. Glad I didn't go in for an entire bottle...

PtsauPtsau 9 months ago
Morning Chess (Eau de Parfum) - Vilhelm Parfumerie

Morning Chess (Eau de Parfum) A clone of Aventus!
I got a sample to try from the ScentXplore. I loved it on the first wear. It feels like a more unisex version of Aventus. My husband has Aventus and I love the scent but it is just too masculine for me to wear, plus the batch issue of Aventus...

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