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Their fragrances tell stories and make fairy tales smell good: Violette Market is a small perfume company from Columbus, Ohio (USA), which combines a passion for fantastic stories and fragrances in its creations.

Lori Cochran, who founded the company in 2006 and produces all the perfumes herself, began to be interested in fragrances in her childhood. If in the beginning it was the scents of nature, later came the interest in perfumes and their production. She was particularly fascinated by the tradition of perfume oils, so she began experimenting with them herself.

Cochran draws inspiration for her creations from fairy tales and myths, from travels and distant lands, from different eras and their literature.

For example, there are fragrances for various figures and stories from Greco-Roman and Irish-Celtic mythology ("Persephone," "Pandora's Box," "Niamh," "Sadbh," etc.), but also for well-known fairy tales ("The Gingerbread House," "Thorns at the Gate," "Pumpkin Coach," etc.) and faraway places ("Along the Silk Road," "Moroccan Market," "Mexico City," "Hawai'i," etc.).

But the English graduate can do even more: with "Lost at Sea" she created a story herself - the story of a London apothecary who sets out for India to procure rare spices and elixirs. In diary form, she takes the reader along on this adventurous journey, in which the main character is shipwrecked, encounters pirates and mermaids, gets to know fascinating places, and gains all kinds of olfactory impressions. And the reader can share these impressions very directly, because Cochran has designed a fragrance for each stop on this journey, which allows the reader to dive even deeper into the story, almost becoming part of the story themselves.

There are regularly new collections of fragrances that take you to foreign worlds, such as the atmosphere of a teahouse or the eternal night of vampires.

The fragrances are usually perfume oils, but seasonally there are also solid perfumes. All fragrances are made without animal testing.
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