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Parfumo knows 66 perfumes of this brand.
Perfumes of this brand have been rated 7.2 of 10 on average. 17 perfume ratings have been submitted so far.

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PBullFriendPBullFriend 2 years ago
Smell Good Daily - Gypsy Soul - West Third Brand

Smell Good Daily - Gypsy Soul Vanillary substitute with a bad name
How does a scent have so many interesting notes listed and yet smell like vanilla taffy? This is a very thick, substantial vanilla that made me feel like I had something stuck in my molars. Not bad at all if you're seeking that...

PBullFriendPBullFriend 3 years ago
Société de Senteur - Woodstock - West Third Brand

Société de Senteur - Woodstock where are those notes?
Woodstock has an impressive list of notes, all things I enjoy. West Third is a bargain brand, but some of their stuff is really excellent. So I had high hopes before splashing this on. It smells like sharp, random, vaguely masculine chemicals...

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