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WildGardenerWildGardener 1 year ago
Yardley Original (After Shave) - Yardley

Yardley Original (After Shave) Episode 107 : Bertie's aftershave
Bad news Jeeves! Aunt Agatha told me I should smarten myself up, get some new suits, that sort of thing ... and she was talking about my aftershave. Jeeves : Is there a problem sir? Wooster : There most certainly is Jeeves,...

SmellavisionSmellavision 2 years ago
Citrus - Wood / Citrus & Wood - Yardley

Citrus - Wood / Citrus & Wood A nice TdH clone...
C&W opens with a sharp, alcoholic blast of lemon that within the next 30 minutes evolves into an extremely pleasant, refreshing drydown with birch, vetiver and sandalwood. It's a very pleasing allround scent for adult (30+) fellas that can be used...

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