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The most delicate scents usually stem from France, Italy, or the USA. The fragrance brand Zarkoperfume, however, is unique because of its Danish origins.

The person behind these fragrances is Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov. The child of Yugoslavian immigrants came to the High North at a young age (1969), expressed much interest in the industry, and was driven by a passion for jovial flavors and fragrances. He, therefore, gave up his fashion boutique and learned all the basics of perfume making. Five years later, he also gained practical experience in the creation of new fragrances in various companies.

The founder of Zarkoperfume was driven by the goal of creating "a fragrance that captures the unique climate, lifestyle, and aesthetics of my native Scandinavia." He wants his perfumes to reflect the beauty of the North and represent the utmost Scandinavian charm. To achieve this, Pavlov works on the molecular level (water-based aromas) because this is the only way to show off the "spirit of the North".

Accordingly, the flacons of Zarkoperfume are luscious and elegant. The fragrances, creams, and sprays of the Danish perfumer are sold in upscale boutiques, in some online stores, and, of course, on the company's homepage.
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Latest Reviews

LuckymommyLuckymommy 1 month ago
Purple Molécule 070·07 - Zarkoperfume

Purple Molécule 070·07 Sweet vanilla, creamy musk and lovely sparkling flowers.
The notes listed on the zarkoperfume website are TOPNOTES :: Wild Flower Accord — White Orchids — Magnolias BASENOTES :: Madagascar Vanilla — Molecules — Sandalwood — Silver Musk Accord My take...

LuckymommyLuckymommy 2 months ago
Pink Molécule 090·09 - Zarkoperfume

Pink Molécule 090·09 Love at first sniff
I blind bought pink molecule, and it was a really good blind buy. To me this is mouthwatering fruity champagne, sparkling elderflower with that creamy, woody background. Sweet and delicious with good longevity and sillage on my skin and even...

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