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e-suitcase is a concept by Marianna Zeni, which is based on emotions and memories to allow an intuitive way of fragrance perception. 15 different fragrances have been developed, each of which should correspond to a specific mood. The collection is aimed specifically at women who can recognize themselves in the different moods based on the scents or revive a beloved memory. This should promise an absolutely sensual fragrance experience without the influence of fragrance notes, because the composition remains secret. For this purpose, a luggage set was developed, which is also suitable for travel, which contains space for all 15 fragrances and invites the wearer to discover the colorful world of e-suitcase. The luggage set is limited to 200 pieces and the fragrances will be published successively to be available for its increase. If you like it classic, you will be able to purchase the fragrances individually after the suitcase has been introduced in a slightly different design. e-suitcase is a collaboration with the Italian traditional company Nobile 1942, which market the concept worldwide.
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