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Mozz90Mozz90 2 months ago
Kyara Koko '92 - Ensar Oud / Oriscent

Kyara Koko '92 Papua licorice/floral combo
First spray i'm hit with a juxtaposition of sweet fruity floral nouances coming mainly from Jasmine and green earthy tones of crisp, fresh, green vetiver and Papua Oud, all surrounded by a gentle and soft musky undertone that is just...

Mozz90Mozz90 2 months ago
Thai Tabac - Ensar Oud / Oriscent

Thai Tabac Authentic green tobacco
This perfume acts way differently on clothes compared to skin: on my jumper it's a mix of green tobacco leaves, soapy vetiver/neroli combo and hay..on my skin it has a piercing opening of juniper berries and it mellows out hour after hours...

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