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Behind the fragrance label “Le Couvent” is the master perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, born in Grasse in 1947. The fragrance artist created olfactory masterpieces at an early age and made his mark on the landscape of French Haute Parfumerie for over five decades. Before Ellena became the creative head of “Le Couvent” in 2019, he had supported the French luxury brand Hermès between 2004 and 2015.

The concept of “Le Couvent” is purely minimalistic. The creation process of his first fragrances required Ellena to use up to 200 different ingredients. In the meantime, 20 ingredients are enough for him to create unique fragrance worlds in which he and his customers can concentrate on the essentials.

“Le Couvent” offers an entire fragrance series, hand and body balms, and scented candles that are sometimes based on fruity aromas (berry, tangerine, orange, lavender) and woods (cedar, vanilla), but can occasionally include fresh, floral, and spicy aromas.

Although the label sources its raw materials from all over the world, it uses French or European sources whenever possible to protect and preserve a healthy planet. “Le Couvent” is purely environmentally and vegan friendly. The entire collection is certified accordingly by the international association "Vegan Society". In addition, research, creation, and production are done without animal testing.

“Le Couvent” products are available on the label's homepage, department stores, and other perfume sites.

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Latest Reviews

LuckymommyLuckymommy 3 months ago
Tinharé - Le Couvent

Tinharé Lovely.
Extremely close to Red temptation from Zara. Burberry Her and Ariana Grande Cloud has something similar but they are really there own scents, her being prominent on strawberry and cloud being more creamy coconut and lavender. I really like this kind of scent...

PerfeptionsPerfeptions 5 months ago
Aqua Majestae - Le Couvent

Aqua Majestae Sweet, fresh and flowery
Le Couvent is a perfume house that uses high quality ingredients for the main notes of the fragrance and is under the artistic direction of Jean Claude Ellena, one of the greatest perfumers we had. Aqua Majestae is a sweet, fresh, citrusy,...

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