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"Small but nice" describes the fragrance label "Liquides Imaginaires" quite well. Through enthusiasm, great experiences, and careful attention to detail, the term "small" is quite an understatement.

Behind "Liquides Imaginaires" are two contrasting characters who complement each other perfectly. Philippe Di Méo is the fine spirit, the creative and artistic nose of the label. He brings the necessary curiosity and inspiration to create exclusive fragrances and cater to his clientele's needs. His partner is David Frossards, the pragmatist. He is responsible for pure business matters, expansion to new markets, and targeting new groups. Driven by the appeal of this combination of Di Méo and Frossards, the two talents founded their company "Liquides Imaginaires" ("Imaginary Liquids") in 2012.

The assortment of "Liquides Imaginaires" is carefully picked. It essentially consists of three collections, each containing three fragrances. The aromas range from fresh and powerful, mystical and oriental, sensual and woody.

The overall concept of "Liquides Imaginaires" also includes a high recognition value of the individual fragrances. That's why all the flacons have the same shape and, therefore, highlight their simplicity. The only differences are in the coloring of the aromas and, of course, in the names.

"Liquides Imaginaires" fragrances are available in selected department stores, in high-quality perfumeries, and online.
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DrB1414DrB1414 27 days ago
Peau de Bête - Eau de Peau - Liquides Imaginaires

Peau de Bête - Eau de Peau The Animalic perfume to rule them all
This to me is the best animalic perfume ever created. Oh, and I am a huge lover of animalic perfumes, I've sampled pretty much all, and own most. I'm baffled that this exceptional work of art doesn't seem to get much attention,...

BobbyGeeBobbyGee 30 days ago
Fortis - Eau Delà - Liquides Imaginaires

Fortis - Eau Delà Liquides Imaginaires / Fortis
Fortis ... yum. The fragrance, which of the 'niche and more expensive' fragrances I have known, long-lasting and may be considered clones of Black Afgano, is the closest to Black Afgano. For me, the only difference in smell is that...

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