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In the world of luxury, top craftsmanship and online PR, the name of Marc Gebauer has a good ring to it. This label is one of the top addresses when it comes to exclusivity and, above all, exquisite watches.

Marc Gebauer was born in 1988 in Aachen. Even as a child, he was fascinated by the possibilities of the emerging Internet. He, therefore, completed an apprenticeship in the IT sector and immediately obtained a corresponding master's degree. With this background, Gebauer initially worked as a consultant in e-commerce. He also hosted LAN parties and trade fairs for online gamers and became a sought-after gamer himself ("Counter-Strike").

Marc Gebauer laid the foundation for his label by founding his first online store for used textiles. Through the store's online PR, his own YouTube channel, and e-commerce consulting, Gebauer became a sought-after expert. When Gebauer finally took over a store for exclusive watches in 2016, he was also able to indulge this passion extensively.

This passion makes the stylish Marc Gebauer a luminary in all matters concerning luxury watches. Athletes, artists, industrialists, and politicians trust his experience and are happy to let him advise them.

But also as a brand, "Marc Gebauer" is one of those labels that succeeds in everything. He is just as successful on YouTube and Instagram as an influencer as he is as a provider of fine fragrances, high-quality handbags, sports and travel bags, jewelry, or the "Gentlemen's" collection.
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SkyteSkyte 3 months ago
Orange Flamingo - Marc Gebauer

Orange Flamingo Fresh Soapy Jasmine Tea
First of all I want to say the scent is really strong and you can pick it up a little bit even the next day after having worked out and showered. But it's quite safe, not offensive, pretty much 100% unisex. To my nose in the dry down it's...

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