Moth and Rabbit

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LiberationLiberation 1 month ago
Parasite - Moth and Rabbit

Parasite Fresh patchouli
Starts as calm and soft green. Develops fast and gets stronger in a way that patchouli with wood and musk are dominating (not overpowering). Vetiver with fresh and flowery notes brings in a balance and stops patchouli from being overwhelming. Silage...

UniNoUtaUniNoUta 2 years ago
Enter the Void - Moth and Rabbit

Enter the Void Enter The Void
My first whiff of this brought immediately to mind a very specific aroma - chestnut blossoms - which are pretty common in Japan so it did touch on the name a bit. Chestnut flowers are one of those things that many find smell like... how do I put this...

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