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Valuable or exclusive fragrances do not always have to come from Italy, France, or the USA. An example of fragrance art is also the Swedish label "Pana Dora".

The company was launched in 2019 by Ibrahim Al-Zoubi in Emmaboda, Sweden. The Syrian immigrant was already very successful as a perfumer in his home country. His creations, as well as commissioned work, was already well-received in the Middle East.

In Sweden, Al-Zoubi found a new approach to the fragrance industry. Many Swedes prefer their perfumes and fragrances to reflect the country's rough, austere, nature-loving character. And this also applies to the flacons, as the bottles with the cap of a moose's head are world-famous and popular collector's items.

The fragrances themselves - like their names - are all very close to Swedish nature. For example, the "Imperial Wood" fragrance is based on leather and eaglewood, while "Aqua de Dora" brings hints of sandalwood, chestnut, and fig. "Velvet Iris" is reminiscent of vanilla, musk, and amber, and the "Grand Musk" fragrance is all about musk, guaiac wood, and magnolia.

The goal of Ibrahim Al-Zoubi and his label "Pana Dora" is to translate all areas of the country from public life to the paths, mountains, and rivers of nature into fancy bottles of perfume. In this way, the select clientele should get a small and very personal piece of Sweden for home.
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