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OshiiOshii 8 months ago
Aran / อรัญ - Prin

Aran / อรัญ Spin-off for Aranyaka
Aran is a slighlty less complex, less deep version of PRYN -Aranyaka (which I adore so much). Aran is clearly a great perfume, very well blended, and without any doubt inspired by Aranyaka, but somehow it lacks the 'magic' that Aranyaka has.

MonsalaMonsala 9 months ago
Nocturnal Poetry - Prin

Nocturnal Poetry Animal forest
A wonderful olfactory journey, it is like a journey to a wild and at the same time precious world. The animal notes are always present, with a jasmine that little by little floods everything and as it dries it opens up to a world of magically balanced...

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