Profumo di Firenze

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Parfumo knows 17 perfumes of this brand.
Perfumes of this brand have been rated 7.5 of 10 on average. 310 perfume ratings have been submitted so far.

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Ka3nKa3n 2 years ago
One of the best gourmand finds for me. Such cool banana, baked goods and red fruit/berry scent. Cranberry opening is to die for. In the end it smells like baked cookies with melted caramel. Utterly delicious and lasts me a whole day. I do get anosmic...
SmellavisionSmellavision 3 years ago
Another scent in the vein of TFs Tobacco Vanille and Marly's Herod, this one is emphasing on the honey even though it's not listed in the notes. Very long lasting and heavy on the sillage as well. I am missing the incense myself, but maybe this...

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