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The beginning of "s.Oliver" goes back to 1969 when the former car body mechanic Bernd Freier founded a small but refined men's boutique in Würzburg. Under the label "Sir Oliver", the store became an iconic destination for fashion-conscious men. In 1975, the first women's collection was released and followed by complications: a well-known fragrance manufacturer claimed the term "Sir" for itself; this led Freier to rename his label to "s.Oliver".
In the following years, "s.Oliver" grew to include other product lines such as the youthful "Q/S" series or the men's collection "s.Oliver MEN" and "s.Oliver WOMAN". Bernd Freier also took over the licenses to "comma," and founded the "Liebeskind Berlin" leather line. The label launched collections in 1987 under the name "Oliver Twist" for children's lines, which later became "s.Oliver Junior."

With the start of the new millennium, "s.Oliver" expanded its clientele to Switzerland, Austria, and the Benelux countries. The label has been present with stores in neighboring countries and online since 2004.

When it comes to advertising and sponsoring, "s.Oliver" likes to rely on influencers, especially big names from the sports world (Nowitzki, Schumacher, Klitschko), as well as entire clubs (FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund), are supported by "s.Oliver" or engaged as advertising icons. Current musicians such as Anastacia or David Garrett have also been involved in PR campaigns. In addition, the label is also immersed in social and humanitarian projects worldwide.
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Latest Reviews

TaghiTaghi 5 years ago
Superior Men (Eau de Toilette) - s.Oliver

Superior Men (Eau de Toilette) Typical citrus
This one is an ordinary citrusy cologne. most of its lifespan you can smell citrus, among some resins and wood, but other notes are not so strong. longevity and sillage are moderate ... about 3 hours on skin and 10-12 hours noticeable on fabric (about...

SeeroseSeerose 6 years ago
Superior Women - s.Oliver

Superior Women Imagine the perfumers name was J-C Elléna?
Of course with an arrogant attitude I judged "Superior Women von s.Oliver" before I testet it: Well again such a cheap slop of a scent. I am so full of it meanwhile. And out of this s'Oliver, "only"...

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