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If you want to wear a fashionable, stylish and noble leather jacket, the French label "Zilli" is your go-to reference. Yet its iconic jackets are only part of the collection at Zilli.

The company was a small tailor's studio run by Oscar and Rose Schimel in Lyon from 1950. The collections were sold in their retail stores and made of the finest or even exotic leather. In 1965, Alain, the son of Oscar and Rose Schimel also found his way to haute couture men's fashion. Therefore, Alain invested in a local tailor's workshop, owned by the experienced tailor Teofilo Zilli. Just a few months later, the label's first luxury leather jackets entered the market.

After the company established itself on the market, expansion followed with several stores in selected fashion metropolises to include boutiques in London (1983), Paris (1990), Moscow (1993), Rome (2005), and New York (2009).

However, this worldwide expansion of the "Zilli" brand was only possible due to an extension of the product range. Thus, the label offers its clientele numerous stylish items that can add a tasteful and stylish touch to every outfit. These include, for example, sunglasses and optical glasses, accessories (bags, belts, etc.), shoes, and, of course, some fragrances. With aromas such as grapefruit, lemon or cardamom, geranium, tobacco, and leather, the eaux de parfum of "Zilli" are undoubtedly masculine. Thus, they underline the masculine-tough appearance, which the leather jackets make possible as well.
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