10th Avenue Blue by 10th Avenue Karl Antony

10th Avenue Blue

26.01.2016 - 12:43 PM

No Two People Smell Things The Same Way

Today I’d like to review a delightful scent that is supposed to smell differently on different persons. This peculiar property is highly valued in high-class perfumery to create fragrances with truly individual notes: that’s Davana, which is getting versatile and trending in Men's Colognes.
According to my nose, the 10th Avenue Blue belongs to fougére, woody, floral, spicy, aromatic, and balsamic family. However, I don't detect any fruity notes in there. The backbone is built around three main notes: grapefruit, davana, and oliban wood.

10th Avenue Blue is a crisp, woody-fresh scent brightened with a bright grapefruit note. It opens with the most inviting deep bergamot and grapefruit aldehydic floral combination. It's gorgeous, big, beautiful and rather flowery thanks to hedione...and it's thick, juicy, and completely rapturous... oh, I could keep on going! Pretty fresh, herbal, and dry, the special grapefruit aroma is characterized by its 'bitter-green-woody' nuance, and the hedione has a light, subtle, green, transparent jasmine note, and gives an impression of perfumed air. That opening is powerful, absolutely fresh and without any exploitation of calone, sea breeze, marine or aquatic note. Rather, it seems like a little bit of floral fresh violet is in there, something a bit metallic and ozonic, either.

In a short time, the thick sheen of juice soon begins to thin and soften and the rather citrus floral opening moves to a light minty spice with davana at the heart. On my skin, davana opening is strange, salty and minty. Soon after, I get a minty hint, but there is still this heaviness in the smell. The smell also reminds me of rum-y raisins. Once I get the mintiness, it remains until the end, even getting a bit stronger. This minty note is well balanced with a soft touch of pepper and just a bit of cardamom, which add a sort of peppery, aromatic and balsamic aspect to the heart.
10th AB remains incredibly pleasing, but the big, and bold moves towards the more mysterious and sensual. Davana sets the tone moving forward, but with a light hand. The perfume is so incredibly fresh and inviting and it feels as if it pulses off the skin as if it were an extension of one's being.
In the end, 10th AB is this intoxicating cool and green that's wooded, lightly spiced and incensed. Additionally, a bit of frankincense adds just the right amount of smoky like dimension keeping the earthy, rooty vetiver and cistus, dry cedar in check.

My take on 10th AB, it deserves a 9/10, it smells great at it is closely akin to Givenchy Blue Label, a cologne I used nearly ten years ago. Longevity is above the average, I could smell it on my skin the day after. Sillage stays around you, not overpowering, just right. Despite it is winter in Italy, I decided to buy it for the incoming warm seasons, but I gave it a try. I would wear it during the day and warm evening, suitable for work and leisure time, perhaps after sport. Definitely, a spring and summer scent. You know what? I just bought it for less than 10€ and the performance is better than famous and more expensive brands.

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