10th Avenue Oceana White by 10th Avenue Karl Antony

10th Avenue Oceana White

29.01.2016 - 12:43 AM

The wonderful smell of sun-kissed fresh laundered sheets on a clothesline during wintertime...

Although orange blossom is classified as a summer note, I feel KA Notte White (NW) aka Oceana White is more suitable for wintertime. You might think I’m fool, but to me this is a true oxymoron scent, an hot ice fluid! Yes, this fragrance is the perfect example of an olfactive oxymoron: as refreshing as mint leaf-infused water, yet brimming with intensely spicy and woody notes, the bitterness of the vetiver that contrasts with the sweetness of the vanilla.

It is classified as a fresh, oriental, woody, and floral fragrance. To me, KA NW opens with a smash of fresh cut grass which is soon met with a muted rose and violet. The perfume feels like it’s comprised of the perfect ingredients for creating a wonderful floral garden.
As the perfume progresses, the green note recedes and the mixture of sensual light citrus blossom feels weighted under a layer of fresh rain water. It’s sunny, without being bright, but instead a clean musk and the most subtle of grass note which helps to generate a freshness. After around 10 minutes, the projection begins to grow, but the scent doesn’t transform or change that much except for the orange blossom which begins to take over as the prominent note over the vetiver and light smooth vanilla which adds just a hint of dusty sweet to this fresh-faced composition.
Ultimately, the mossy aspect of the delicate oakmoss and modern aldehydes make the base pleasantly powdery. In brief, the description goes like this: fresh top notes, orange blossom and vetiver for the heart notes, vanilla and solar notes for the base.

My take on KA NW, it deserves a 9/10, it smells good as similar as Dior Fahrenheit 32. Longevity is above the average, I could smell it on my skin and clothes the day after. Sillage stays around you, not overpowering, just right. Despite it is winter in Italy, I decided to buy it for the incoming warm seasons, but I gave a try. I would wear it during the day and warm evening, suitable for leisure time oe special occasion. Most classify it as a spring and summer scent, but to me the warm aspect goes well with cold weather, some notes are more pungent and intense. You know what? I just bought if for less than 10€ and the performance has nothing to envy to the original F32.

Smell good,
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