Wandervogel / Wanderlust by 27 87 Perfumes

Wandervogel Wanderlust 2016

14.04.2021 - 08:30 AM

Interesting one

This is a very interesting release. Fennel and anise are so well mixed together creating this unique green soft at spicy aura around you. Mint is present and is very fresh, unfortunately for me it is too toothpastes in here. You do get very strong marine and almost salty scent profile in here even though salt or anything mineral is not listed in the pyramid. It is definitely there. I caught shiso in the opening seconds and would want to see it more present. I think this particular element has not been used enough in fragrances. The only staple scent that comes into my mind is nomenclature offering with same name.

Nonetheless, very elegant borderline aquatic fragrance with soft jasmine and lightest hints of tuberose in it's heart. I wouldn't run to buy a full bottle but would be happy if some miniature would make it into my collection at some point. Well done.

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