Acqua Colonia White Peach & Coriander 2017 Eau de Cologne

Acqua Colonia White Peach & Coriander (Eau de Cologne) by 4711
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6.9 / 10 118 Ratings
Acqua Colonia White Peach & Coriander (Eau de Cologne) is a limited perfume by 4711 for women and was released in 2017. The scent is fruity-fresh. It is being marketed by Mäurer & Wirtz. Limited Edition
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White peachWhite peach CorianderCoriander


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Submitted by OPomone, last update on 03.11.2022.
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Wet laundry
Today I pulled a crown out of my head in the Schwiegi bath - and my gaze fell on her guests' flacons.

Of course No 5 edp - and Acqua Colonia White Peach & Coriander.
My hand was heading for Chanel, but I thought of the spouse who finds the EDP "creepy".
So Acqua.

I harbor some fragrances of this series, and so I sprayed carelessly.

Yes - delicious peach with .... uh - wet laundry ?
I looked around the blitzbanken room and couldn't find any washed wardrobe.

Such a faux pas would never happen to my accurate Schwiegi.
But I still have the peach in my nose, which suffers a lot from stuffy laundry.
Does the coriander give this moist mildew note?

I don't feel well at all - and I blame my flowering on the pleasure of the Hessian "wake-up call" - a not exactly dietetic dish.

Pale around the nose I appear again in the good room and crouch into a corner.
The husband smells into the air, and notices: Here smells like wet dog - not straight round !

Our poodle is inspected, but it is not watered, but dust-dry.
An innocent lamb.

I am taking the floor carefully to say that I have probably applied "too much" of the Acqua - which of course is not true, but I do not want to embarrass anyone.
My testimony is accepted tacitly - but I remain on the sidelines.

Only in the car do I confess my mistake - and the husband remains:
A wet dog - that wasn't a find.

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Delicate peach
which unfortunately disappears quickly.
A delicate, not too sweet peach scent that is lovely. Not sticky-fruity but fresh and peachy ;)

Unfortunately, I perceive it only as a breath and after much spraying. And that's very unfortunate, the scent is fine and pure.

I'll keep it anyway.
He kind of brightens the mood.
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2 short views on the fragrance
Jazzy76Jazzy76 5 years ago
Fresh-fruity and soft, with a spicy note , it's a very good (althoug evanescent) mix to wear in the hot season. I like it!
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AnessaAnessa 6 years ago
This is how I imagine the Giant Peach* smelt--not overripe/sirupy golden nectar, but delicately natural, delicious w/o shouting 'Eat me!'
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