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California Snow by A Lab on Fire
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California Snow is a popular perfume by A Lab on Fire for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-fresh. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCalifornian sage, Sweetgrass, Tea, Chamomile
Heart Notes Heart NotesJonquil, Rosebud, Hay, Cannabis
Base Notes Base NotesMusk, Wet earth, Vetiver, Cedar



7.8 (36 Ratings)


7.8 (35 Ratings)


7.0 (33 Ratings)


7.2 (36 Ratings)
Submitted by DonVanVliet, last update on 13.11.2019
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8.0 8.0 8.0 9.5/10

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Very helpful Review    5
The salonable fetish
We all have more or less our own scent preferences. One likes it oriental, the other flowery etc. and this is also nothing that has to be carved in stone forever and sometimes even fluctuates by the day. So I liked rose scents a few years ago, meanwhile I "eroded" myself from them and don't want to wear them anymore.
My scent interests today are quite broadly diversified, superficially my baggage scheme now includes for quite a long time above all iris scents of all kinds.
So far so good, "superficial" was the cue.
In the forum there has always been the question which fragrances one likes to smell besides perfume.
You like to sniff paint or gasoline, love the smell of wet streets and dusty libraries etc. and on the other hand you can't really imagine wanting to smell it yourself. In my case it is mainly the smell of limy dusty stone, as you can see on some building sites, and earthy vaulting (but still on the edge of the typical musty cellar patchouli scent). Although I use liquid natural detergent, I like to sniff the almost pungently pure powder detergent and I love the smell of the cold winter air that tickles my nose *outing ending*.
I now call these fragrances 'fetish fragrances', because it is rather unusual in a perfume shop to answer the consultant's interested question about the fragrance preferences with cellar stink or building site fragrance Interestingly enough I might have "inherited" this to my daughter, too, quasi in step we stop abruptly at the way, if e.g. from a building site this mentioned smell blows towards us and stretches the nose trancegleich towards the smell source.
I had never dared to hope that I would ever encounter these fragrances in the form of a perfume, and yet this is exactly what happened to California Snow. The comments were very promising and I was really overwhelmed to find all my secret scent preferences in a perfume at the first application.
The fragrance is extremely mineral-dusty, dry, after a short time this wonderfully musty smell is also perceptible, but only if you sniff directly at the skin or sprayed fabric. Then "the detergent" and "the winter air" are added and result in a tailor-made mixture of my "fetish scents".
And who now thinks that I can only carry and enjoy this sweetheart in secret is mistaken. The best thing is that California Snow is quite presentable and well wearable!
From the projection point of view I would describe it as a clean scent, powdery to thick-creamy, minimally rosy, never sweet, everything is very harmoniously interwoven. And yet no clean scent known to me comes close to him. The direction could possibly be Love, Chloé, as already mentioned in a statement, but in a less sweet-flowery way. But by that I really only mean the DNA, the scent is absolutely unisex. Actually, in my opinion it would also pass as a powdery "iris scent".
Apart from the damp earth and with a lot of fantasy camomile I can't smell any of the fragrances mentioned above.
The Sillage is mediocre to good and the shelf life with a few hours for an edP satisfactory.
So the fantastic thing about California Snow is that I have a good portable and interesting scent, but I can still sniff out these "fetishnotes" all the time. It's an absolute addictive substance for me, and I hope now that it's not just due to the cannabis it contains... ;-)
A bottle is on its way to me and now I'm curious to see if it's actually as if it can be guessed from the pictures, even pearly. Then my happiness would be complete.
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7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    20
What do we smell when the lab is burning?
The US-American brand with the highly original name "A Lab on Fire" was completely unknown to me until then; I first got to know it through the friendly gift package of a perfume in which this fragrance was contained. It (the brand, not the Parfuma) is, according to its very stylish, not unsympathetic and also somewhat informative Internet presence (linked here at Parfumo), connected with the other brands S-perfume and Monoscent. The pleasantly manageable range of fragrances, packed in very tasteful cartons, comes from a wide variety of perfumers, from such well-known ones as Thierry Wasser to young stars like Mackenzie Reilly, who is responsible for this fragrance here.

I was fascinated by this perfume from the first spray, it is captivating because it is so unusual; I don't know any other perfume of this kind. I briefly considered buying a bottle of it. My wife was immediately completely enthusiastic about it and still is after several tests (on me). I don't find it after a certain acclimatization now nevertheless so my thing and will leave it with the highly interesting test experience.

Unfortunately this comment is not very descriptive, please forgive me, because I don't know what I actually smell even after several tests, except that it is unusual and fascinating. I can smell a single scent for sure, and that's the rose. The fine rose fragrance is embedded in a creamy, softly drawn texture, perhaps there is something like a white bloomer in it, so that the Californian snow goes a bit in the direction of the Clean Bear, but it is not quite a classic "Clean". And that although it (this is the third and last thing I can say in terms of description) is eminently synthetic. If the fragrance pyramid or individual comments give the impression that these are organic smells, then I have to disagree, this is beautiful and impressive, but in a rather chemical way (why not).

By the way, a strong share of chemistry is also supported by fragrance notes such as "moist earth", which cannot be reproduced conventionally. On the company's website there are also other fragrances that sound conventional here at Parfumo ("cedar") so poetically indicated ("cedar forests like in Big Sur") that it cannot be assumed that this refers to "real" cedar, these are more likely to be sensations from the (burning?) laboratory
Two more remarks: It's the most unisex scent imaginable (despite my perhaps rather feminine-sounding description as Rose-Creamy-Saubär..., so forget that for now). Why can't I say. But when I tested him, without looking at this page here, "blind", a kind of neon sign "UNISEX" stood in the sky. Blinking bright. And: I cannot perceive the "cannabis" smell (on the side of the company it is called "marijuana"). I know how marijuana herb smells (or the air after smoking a sachet), there's nothing to be felt here, at least not for me, which I also don't smell sage, chamomile (although... could be...), vetiver or mineral notes. Snow also not (sorry, Yatagan, sorry, manufacturing company, sorry, all of you out there in California and the rest of the world).

My conclusion: This fragrance is optimally suitable (at least for testing) for all:

a) love the rose and don't hate chemistry;
b) looking for the kick of a completely new fragrance;
c) who have fallen in love with the woman on the box;
d) couples who are so strict minimalists that they want to get by with just one fragrance for both.

P.S.: In addition to the fragrance pyramid and the "woody-flowery" fragrance family, the company's website also names a "style" for this fragrance, namely "wicked rose", which can be translated as "nasty rose" and "horny rose". That's not bad.

P.P.S.: For those who had no melody in their head at the headline:
<font color=#38B0DE>-= Proudly Presents
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8.0 7.0 7.5/10

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Hard and tender
An unplanned meeting, a chance meeting, many thanks again to Cambrium!
I've never smelled anything like this in a scent before...
A brief moment to anticipate young, delicate buds.
Dig through dark, damp, soft earth. Find round, smeared tubers - beetroot!
That's right, I'm thinking beetroot. Crazy!
At the same time a white enamel tub, free-standing. Completely submerged in creamy musk mountains.
On the tongue the taste of violet pastilles and grass.
Very contrary, but peacefully united.
6.0 8.0 10.0 9.5/10

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Helpful Review    8
I can't get rid of you anymore..
In the first moment I was very surprised by you, you fired all your earthy power. You are so different from all the others I have met so far and have remained in my head, precisely because for me you embody "nature" and that is just the Leiwandte, what you can only push forward. After the first burst of fire many things come to my mind, places like Sri Lanka, Indonesia or Costa Rica, then jungle, crushed rock, wood, herbs, the closeness of another person, passion. You are the breeze that carries the spirit of bushes, trees and earth. I'll go anywhere with you! Whenever I take off your lid, I first smell the bottle, and then I deeply draw in your mineral note, simply wonderful. You are so independent, so self-confident, so unique and just stand out. Over the course you change, but I still recognize your face which radiates warmth, security and well-being.

Those who like wood, stone and spices will find what they're looking for here. It is an absolute unisex scent that gives both sexes sensuality. Maybe the scent is still too new, so this darling is still slumbering in secret. Mackenzie Reilly is a true up-and-coming star, so that she was already allowed to develop the second fragrance (Hossegor) for the "A Lab on Fire" series, unfortunately it has not yet been released....

(By the way, there will also be an Avery Perfume Gallery in Oberpollinger in the near future.)

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