Chocolate, Rose & Oud by Aaron Terence Hughes

Chocolate, Rose & Oud 2019

18.05.2020 - 10:54 PM

Very nice but subtle

I love this scent; it’s quite weak though , it’s not beast mode. But it smells so natural and lovely. It’s an intoxicating scent, the chocolate makes the rose less rosy; which for me is good, because it’s not a heavily rose scent . You can definitely smell the oud as well.
Conclusion is; very natural , lovely smells but weak
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Jayce92Jayce92 3 years ago
This scent is unbelievable; I’ve never smelt anything like it. It’s a piece of art; it does smell dirty but that doesn’t mean not nice. He definitely captured the filth and sex. It projects like crazy, and even after 8,9 hours, it smells as if it has just...
Jayce92Jayce92 3 years ago
After around 3 or 4 hours after the sweetness have gone. The oud pushes through. It’s faint but it’s there. On my skin, I can smell it. The closest comparison I can make is ; the oud in it on my skin reminds me of the oud in Gucci intense...