17.10.2020 - 07:54 PM


This starts off with a dirt/soil oily alcohol blast and drys to a filthy floral that has bitter sweetness. I think it is by far the worst of aarons and by a long long not smell it up close. I think the magic is in the sillage where you get mostly a dirty jasmine and leather vibe. But still I can't say I like it so much maybe in the dead of winter it would work better. Maybe a 5-6 out of 10 fragrance....that lasts a very long time.

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Amazon1975Amazon1975 3 months ago
Aqva Aromatica - Blade of Grass - Richard James

Aqva Aromatica - Blade of Grass Underrated green gem
I got this for a very low price. Very green as the name suggests I don't find it to be "wet grass" as some say. You can pick up on some of the accords but I would say it's more of a well blended scent. I disliked the atomiser it's a very short...

Amazon1975Amazon1975 2 years ago
Megamare - Orto Parisi

Megamare Standing on the dock of the bay
Strange. Stood on a pier that is stretching way out to sea. Rocks with seaweed and seagull shit are over the side of the pier.....the salt air....the weed....the shit all combine and hit your nose full force.....megamare. seems to go on for ever...