Violet Delirium by Aaron Terence Hughes

Violet Delirium 2020

24.06.2021 - 09:03 PM

Smells like an industrial cleaner, awful

One of the worst fragrances I've smelled, ever, in my life. The violet (or whatever it is) is so overpowering, flat, one dimensional, and smells awful. It's just an in your face smell with no sweetness, no cool "gasoline" accord, this just smells so, so bad. And it projects like a mf. You will smell this on you forever. I had the misfortune of spraying it on myself, as I thought perhaps the smell was just bad on a tester. Nah, this is awful. No hate for ATH, some of his stuff is... alright. But this one? Hell no. It smells like an industrial cleaner or something.

I can't pick out any notes, it's just an assault to the olfactory glands. This is way overpowering and so strong that it smells like it would strip the rust off of a car's exhaust. All I can think of is "black, grease, asphalt" when I smell this. Nothing sexual at all.

This one sucks. Bad. BAD. 100% trash. Not artsy, not cool, not unique and different. Just smells plain bad.
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