18.07.2022 - 03:33 PM

Sapheda White Oud

Starts off as soft mature clean oud. It's slightly smoky , dry and fresh. Remind me of smoky pine wood. It stays very fresh, airy wood . I can't detect any sweetness of florals . It my change in other environment as is extremely hot and moist today
It is a extremely fresh and pleasant scent . Nothing funky or dirty about it. Initial smokiness disappeared leaving only slightly soapy fresh wood. Love it. I am looking forward for trying it in other weather.
Two months later:
Today is beautiful Indian summer day.
I revisited this perfume, it is still very fresh and light. It is extract de parfum but it's not heavy. To me is very airy almost like this molecule fragrances but smells of beautiful mature natural oud with some delicate clean white florals far in the background.
Two spray on my chest makes it linger in delicate whiffs throughout whole day. Warm weather safe oud.
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