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Batch No. 46 is a popular perfume by Abercrombie & Fitch for men and was released in 2015. The scent is woody-fougère. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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Cedar, Amber, Musk



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Submitted by Michael, last update on 22.09.2020.
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Understatement for spraying Pt. I
And of the state-ment [that]
- [Conscious] understatement
- [false] modesty
- undervaluation

- is how Oxford Languages defines the term described above.

Another synonym for "understatement" in olfactory parlance would be "Batch 46" from 2015 by the brand Abercrombie & Fitch, for which there is not a single comment here on Parfumo.

Why, the reader may wonder, when fougere-like fragrances in particular have made a real comeback in recent years and the last designer has now included this olfactory category in his repertoire. While a Beau de Jour, for example, is first released and then re-released, only to be re-released again as a signature line scent, and is downright hyped in the process, I wonder why hardly anyone pays attention to batch 46.

Is it because of the changing image of the brand ?
If the fear is too great, this fragrance might show parallels with Fierce, who unfortunately had undergone a serious downgrade ?
Or is it simply due to the lack of awareness of the fragrance?

Admittedly, I didn't know the fragrance either - until one day I was lucky enough to test it in the flagship store in New York and fell head over heels in love. I bought the first 50 ml bottle in New York in 2016 for just under 50 US$. In the meantime, the fragrance has become a rarity - so I had to pay almost 80 Euros for my last bottle. And yet: The investment was definitely worth it for me.

- The EMPACT of the fragrance in admittedly somewhat punchy, like a fist in the face, but in a beautiful way.
After the first spraying a cloud of scent immediately surrounds you, as if you had entered a luxurious barbershop on the Lower East Side. Luxurious, yes. But also wonderfully stylish, an old-school barbershop: Outside, the Barber Pole rotates tirelessly, the huge windows that generously flood the salon with sunny daylight are freshly cleaned and in the shop itself, men (not men) with perfectly fitting tailor-made suits and classic haircuts work.

The scent starts very loud without getting loud or even screaming. The woods are strongly and nobly represented from the beginning, also the musk is leading from the first smell on. Other classic components like lavender and amber also play a beautiful and supporting role.

Associations with Rive Gauche are absolutely undeniable. And yet I would prefer Batch 46 to the YSL fragrance.
The Abercrombie scent is much more natural, inviting and - in my eyes - also a good portion of tart and therefore more masculine.

He radiates a natural authority without ever becoming too strict.

- Also in the further course, i.e. in HERZNOTE, the noble, luxurious woods, the absolutely classic musk and the beautiful lavender and amber notes are strong and loud - and complement each other in a wonderful way. At no time do the fragrances try to steal the show from each other or to drown each other out. No, just like in a perfectly coordinated orchestra, each fragrance knows which part it has to play and thus offers the wearer and his environment a wonderful composition of the above mentioned, leading fragrances, which immediately cause enthusiasm and a multitude of compliments everywhere.

- Even in DRYDOWN, i.e. the BASIC NOTES, all notes are still present and gradually fade away after 12 to 14 hours: First lavender and cedar say goodbye, then the soothing amber of Dannen leaves and finally a noble layer of musk remains on the skin, which lasts until the next shower session.

You can already guess it - the fragrance is incredibly linear.
And while this characteristic often bothers me with other fragrances, I appreciate it all the more with Batch 46.

Apart from the linearity of this wonderful fragrance, I particularly appreciate the longevity of Batch 46, whose name incidentally stands for the 46 peaks of the Adirondacks Mountains in the north of the US state of New York, of a good 12 to 14 hours, during which the wearer will inevitably receive compliments. The fragrance is a timeless classic, not a candidate that will scare away gentle noses or even become obtrusive. And yet the Sillage is also quite room filling, especially in the first few hours. Hence my recommendation to use the generous spray head rather once too little than too much. Two sprayers are already emitting an enormous amount of radiation. Another one on the shirt, which will wear this great scent until the next wash, and you are well prepared for a day at the office.

The wearer should be aware that this fragrance - at least in my eyes - is the epitome of a well-groomed man: elegant, at least in shirt and chino, but ideally even better in a tailor-made suit, with perfectly fitting hairstyle and freshly trimmed beard.

It's not for nothing that I often hear "Oh, you have such a great aftershave!" when I compliment them.

A barbershop fragrance as it is in a picture book - the batch 46.
And while other fragrances in this olfactory category are increasingly sticky and sweet, this one is timelessly classic, beautifully masculine-tangy and with a very special creaminess of luxurious woods, exquisite musk and rounding amber and lavender.

And yet: an understatement like it is written in the book.

"Understatement to Spray Pt. II" - Look forward to it!
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