Patchouli Essentiel / Pure Patchouli by Acorelle

Patchouli Essentiel Pure Patchouli

18.04.2018 - 03:20 PM
Very helpful Review

A quick, pick-me-up mood enhancer. ...

An almost edible patchouili, therapeutic and comforting. A bit boozy with some good bourbon whisky. Plenty of warm, earthy and ambery patchouli sweetened up with fine vanilla. Seems like it also has some tonka in it to me.
I really like this and it’s got quite a lot of body at first, it feels like it should be strong and long lasting and it 'almost' gets all gorgeous and chewy, I wish it did. Unfortunately the sillage and longevity are moderate at best. After the initial delicious blast it fades to a skin scent rapidly and is almost gone within three hours. If it was a bit stronger it would be a big love for me - a gourmand patchouli, yes please! - Still, it does smell great and I spritz away liberally when I’m at home and have it at hand to reapply regularly.
I think I will try layering it over something resinous to see if I can make it stick for longer. Excellent as a quick pick me up mood enhancer.

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