Monaco Uomo 2016

Monaco Uomo by Acqua di Baviera
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Monaco Uomo is a perfume by Acqua di Baviera for men and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-fresh. It is still in production.
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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesLemon, Bergamot, Orange
Heart Notes Heart NotesViolet leaf, Lily of the valley, White blossoms
Base Notes Base NotesPatchouli



6.9 | 15 Ratings


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Submitted by loewenherz, last update on 13.02.2020.
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Lions are cats too!
Soo, today I come, once again, to a fragrance from a brand completely unknown to me: Acqua di Baviera. Yeah, that's a Bavarian-Italian scent brand. Well, what can you say about that? Well, the headquarters is in Munich, where they create fragrances with Italian elements flowing into them, which should be one of the reasons why the names of the fragrances are all Italian.

In her logo you see a lion holding a coat of arms, and what do we know about lions? Exactly: These are cats! :)
Tjaaa... you ALWAYS find any reasons to talk about cats, don't you? ;-D
Although lions are not necessarily suitable as pets, even if the kittens should look so cute, they are still big cats, which on closer inspection look just as cute as "normal" cats (so not only the kittens from them), you only have to notice these big, but fluffy paws :D

Hm, yes I write perhaps once again nonsense or simply something about cats, because I could not think of anything else I could write about the brand first of all :D Besides, it is still full of hot here ey...

And since I say hot,
The scents here all seem to be summery orientated, what comes just now in summer of course very convenient, and let's see how they smell!

The fragrance:
Despite the earthy patchouli, which is quite good to smell from the beginning, the fragrance is still very fresh, which is due to the citric notes (especially oranges). In addition there is a nice, slightly powdery sweetness from the violets.
Although there is no oak moss (and it doesn't really smell like oak moss but reminds you of it very briefly), the fragrance has a classic mature aura, which is especially pronounced in the top note and the fragrance therefore comes across a bit like an aftershave, which etches the skin away after shaving... er,... freshly designed :D
A little later, these ripe fragrant scents become somewhat smaller, the fragrance becomes a little sweeter (and even more powdery). In addition, soft, woody and slightly leathery notes seem to smell in the background. Whereby the leather could possibly only be fooled by the patchouli, because after the beginning it fades into the background and mixes there with the other scents. On the other hand I can smell leather later again a little bit, hmm...
The scent smells also later fresh (but not refreshing) like sweet flowers, patchouli and I can swear, as I said also leather.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The charisma is somewhat moderate, apart from the good beginning. As is typical for most summer fragrances, you will only be able to perceive them here at close range.
The shelf life is ok, for a summer scent even good, as it is at least five to six hours good to smell on the skin.

The bottle:
The bottles of Acqua di Baviera are rectangular, almost square and, despite their simplicity, look very chic with their clear lines. This one has a cloudy, frosted glass and no label, the brand and the fragrance name are printed on the front directly on the bottle.
The lid is cylindrical, chrome-plated and has the brand name engraved once again.

So, my first impression with this brand has already turned out quite nice. The fragrance hasn't become soo extremely special now, I mean, it's a fragrance that you've often had under your nose before, but it's made quite nice because it smells nice, doesn't have any smellable synthetic and therefore doesn't come across cheap.

He's recommendable, at least for a test. And don't be put off by the fact that I wrote here at the beginning that he had a light, mature aura, which mostly disappears later. The only thing that could bother you is the powdery aura, since this is not everyone's cup of tea with men's fragrances. But if you like fragrances like Midnight in Paris from Van Cleep & Arpels, you've come to the right place!

Sooo... and since I was talking about cat and lion paws earlier, I'm going to check the paws of my hangover again. Because these are really black lately, at all the tomcat is only extremely dirty, because he likes to roll around everywhere, especially on earth and forest soils. It brings in a lot of dirt, so vacuuming and wiping the floor is hardly worth it. Yeah, I think I'll just vacuum once a month, mu ha ha ha! D
(*sigh* this day is already the day after tomorrow,...)

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