Blu Mediterraneo - Cedro di Taormina (2016)

Blu Mediterraneo - Cedro di Taormina by Acqua di Parma
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Blu Mediterraneo - Cedro di Taormina is a popular perfume by Acqua di Parma for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is fresh-citrusy. It is being marketed by LVMH.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCitron, Petitgrain, Basil
Heart Notes Heart NotesBlack pepper, Lavender
Base Notes Base NotesHaitian vetiver, Virginia cedar, Labdanum



7.6 (139 Ratings)


6.4 (120 Ratings)


5.9 (123 Ratings)


7.9 (121 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 16.11.2019.
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7.0 5.0 6.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    66
Diary page 5
Dear Diary,❤️

when I left school today, we suddenly had an aquarium.❤️ Only a small one and there were a few plants in it and a fish first. I'd like to add a few more, though. The fish is colorful, but very small, I hope he does not feel homesick. But he always swims in circles. Daddy also gave him a name... Koi Uwe❤️
Daddy also built it up on his own, with all the food and the pump and the light idiots.

We sat together in front of the aquarium and watched Koi Uwe swim and Papa told me that he wanted to buy some things for the aquarium, like a treasure chest, or a ship, or an old lip gloss column or the leisure statue.

Mama did cross-twists in the kitchen, she always asked her dad if she didn't know anything. Once asked you what about linseed oil, but Daddy said he only knows linseed oil Ritchie.❤️

When we watched the Koi Uwe, I noticed that my dad smells so good again. So fresh and a bit dextrose. I told him too and he was happy and he said he once had a band that the perfume would remind him of. They were called The Effervescent Tablets and dissolved quickly, says Papa.

He told me that he had this new and would test and he liked it quite well, but does not last so long. You'd have to spray it once in a while, which he did. In the beginning it smells full of lemon and then it becomes a bit powdery, just like dextrose. Dad says there's a little pepper in it and it gets woody. Hopefully dad won't have to never eat, otherwise he can go back to the hareless ear specialist.

Daddy smelled a little sweet, but not dolle and he said I'm still too small to smell wood because I told him I don't smell a tree. But that's where he says. Papa means him to every good smell, hides a tree of villain. Dad sometimes goes under the fisel oven.❤️

Tropzdem I found that the dad has quite well smelled and he meant mummy can carry this also well, that would be for man and woman. But I think dad smells like a thigh with it.❤️

He was wearing a shirt and that was very becoming to him. I think when it's summer again, Daddy could wear it and it would smell even better. If the ma sooo is really warm, then I'm happy again.❤️ Papa always wears his fresh scents, which I like so much.

Dad said that too and that he likes such fresh spicy scents and that would be one of those. He wouldn't smell much basil, but he'd smell some lavender. Funny, I thought Mama used to put basil in pasta sauce. And when Mama called again Cedar and Mordio because of her riddle Papa also said that there is a bit of Cedar in it.

Well, I know my dad, who was already more enthusiastic and when he was still in the aquarium for Koi Uwe put a skeleton on the sloppy hook, he also said that he has the feeling that it is already gone again.

Well, that's how you save your money, Papa said, he's also a great bargain. But I know him, if Daddy sees him cheap he will buy him anyway.❤️

Dad had ordered another plant for the aquarium and mum said the order had arrived. There we have ordered a new one.
Mama was then also finished with her puzzle, she only needed an answer to the question how an animal with a mania for cleaning does. I knew that and I could help Mama, because that's the hyena. Mama was very proud of me.❤️
Afterwards we'll have something to eat again. Mama makes chicken in Barbie cow sauce and fish cheese with Klobauch today. ❤️
First of all I eat a Buddha bread and share it with Koi Uwe.❤️
I got you lieb❤️❤️❤️️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Your Wilma.
34 Replies
9.0 6.0 6.0 9.0/10

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The fresh woods with the woody freshness from Taormina
This fragrance shows once again how different the tastes and noses are. Everything with ratings from 5.5 to 9.5, that's an enormous range in which you could easily park a 40-tonne articulated lorry. In other words, this CdT is anything but everybody's darling. For me one of the best summer fragrances on the market.

CdT launches as I would like a summer scent to, namely shaky fresh. A real kick, a stand-up, a good mood maker. Right from the start various woods play along, only in the background, with increasing duration more and more dominating. Nevertheless, the freshness remains present during the entire time to a very pleasant extent and accompanies its wearer throughout the day. For the fragrance itself I give a glossy 9.
Sillage: hmmm, well, honestly, Acqua di Parma let some air up. Within the first half hour clearly audible, but then gradually flattening out and finally only weakly perceptible to the wearer himself. Too bad. 6 points.
Shelf life: in my opinion it is similar to the Sillage, applied in the morning at the end of the day there is de facto nothing left. Too bad. A scent of this class deserved better. Also 6 points from me.
The bottle is great, fits 100% to the name of the fragrance, looks classy, is of high value, in other words, looks and feel are perfect. 9 points.
Summa summarum 7. With better Sillage and durability would have been here clearly more possible.

As described at the beginning, for me a favorite for the warm months of the year, especially in southern countries Cedro fits like the proverbial fist on the eye. Displaced on cold days. And even if I am of the opinion that rather gentlemen will like him, I can also imagine ladies of creation in this (initial) cloud.

For those here who are still looking for a companion for the summer of 2019, definitely worth a test,
1 Replies
7.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    21
Thèse - Antithèse - Eau de Synthèse Extrême
I wasn't really going to like that scent at all. I was prepared to only test the sample sent to me by Puderduft18 (thank you!) en passant and maybe make a statement about it. But what can I do? Cedro di Taormina is talking to me. He tells me something and I think he's good. And I think he gets off too badly here on average (DaveGahan101s beautiful contribution from 2016 is one of the exceptions).

I must say in advance that my impressions cannot be linked to the name, because no karma connects me with Sicily and Taormina. In Sicily, I think of Commissario Montalbano and a few classic educational offshoots, the Attic expedition, Dionys the tyrant at Schiller. From Taormina I know that there is no figure from the Magic Flute and that there is a pizzeria "Taormina II" in Berlin. There you can get very good pizzas from nice Italians for real prices. I'd say it's almost an insider's tip - if you take it with equanimity or with an amused look for the bizarre, sitting at an ugly busy intersection and between Old-Schöneberg pensioner couples and jogging trousers waiting for their pizza to go. In short, I can concentrate entirely on the inherent qualities of perfume.

First of all: I can't understand the criticism of the shelf life. I dosed with about 5 sprayers (2 of them on my wrist "on top of each other") and after 6 hours I was still clearly enveloped by the beautiful base of the scent, and even after 11 hours there was more than just a last idea to be noticed. For a "light summer scent" (and for the fact that I don't have a very fine nose) I find this very remarkable. As for the projection, Cedro di Taormina (I recently read this in a commentary, I liked it) is an "aura scent", it doesn't kill and you can't smell it over a metre, it rather envelops the wearer, but with substance
This Parmigiano surprises with a strong, striking and hegelsch-dialectischen course: He sparkles first with a fresh, lively, round-balanced hesperidischen prelude, which surprises already very pleasantly, that is not quite everyday, there is something special there. On the other hand there are slight doubts whether this has not too little body and weight and whether it is not too arbitrary
Then, after about an hour, you think you have another scent in front of you: very, very woody, almost a bit pungent and almost unpleasant, pulling into the stinky-oughness and with the typical pencil note already mentioned here
After a short transition phase (about 2 hours after applying the fragrance), which I find to be full, round and almost fruity, a wonderful base emerges, which - as mentioned - lasts for many, many hours and - at any rate - pleases me to the fullest. I perceive them as woody and spicy on the one hand, fresh on the other (almost aquatic), overall a dark green impression of deep forest and rushing brook, the.... i know very well one of the first fragrances I bought consciously and which I still like very much today: It is Eau de Sauvage Extrême by Dior, a fragrance which I think is underestimated, perhaps because it is "only" a flanker, and to which I have already dedicated a defense comment here.

A glance at the pyramids confirms the finding: almost all fragrances are present in the same or a similar way in both fragrances, although they are sometimes assigned to the base note and sometimes to the top note: Basil, lavender, cedar and vetiver are identical, a citrus note combination in the top note both have and in one case we find Elemi, in the other Labdanum, both are tree resins which I suppose are similar in smell.

I am happy about the confirmation that after one and a half years of active testing and perfume membership I have more and more such objectifiable and verifiable rediscovery experiences.

I don't know whether Acqua di Parma has cribbed or whether there is a "pseudoplagiate" in the sense of Stanislaw Lem, at least I like the result very much. Maybe I'll let the two of them compete again in the double test.
8 Replies
10.0 7.0 8.0 9.5/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    7
The epitome of natural freshness
I have mentioned here before that I am a friend of citrus scents. And because these generally smell of course of purity, summer, freshness and hygiene, corresponding essences are used very frequently, among other things also in shower gels, air fresheners and cleaning agents. Is that why I don't eat oranges anymore, do I forgo the lemon with Wiener Schnitzel, do I stay away from Caipirinhas or do I stay away from lime ice cream? I don't think so! Neither do I try in the evaluations here the eternal same lyre because of "Smells like toilets" or "Reminds me of Sidolin". Who has citrus scents so over, just don't buy them! ;-)

Apart from the tourist Taormina association (of course a clever marketing strategy, possibly sponsored by the Italian Tourist Association), I have rarely smelled a fragrance that smells so natural, authentic and for me as expected of what is in it and what is written on it. Therefore a big compliment to the creators of this EDT. I will certainly try out other fragrances of the Blu Mediterraneo series. First of all, I chose this one because I liked the idea of mixing herbaceous-woody and citrus-fresh. And indeed: Already with the first spray I thought I was in a summer cypress garden somewhere at the Mediterranean Sea.

Of course: Cedro di Taormina is a summer scent and (also an old hat) fresh and light scents naturally do not last as long as sweet and heavy ones, but otherwise the creators here in my eyes have done everything right... not to mention the great bottle, which reminds a bit of pharmacy inventory from the first half of the 20th century. On the positive side, I would also like to point out that, unlike many other citrus scents, a salty note does not appear after a while. For me this is clearly more of a men's than a women's fragrance. That's why Cedro di Taormina moves straight to my now well-filled perfumed water shelf, even though autumn is gradually approaching.

+ + + + + +

Addendum: Something about Bleu de Chanel, especially in the top note. Later on, however, it is more citric with slightly less durability and complexity. But stay closer to nature.
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Pio 10 months ago
The best of the blue line together with Fico di Amalfi.+1

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