Peonia Nobile (2016) Eau de Parfum

Peonia Nobile (Eau de Parfum) by Acqua di Parma
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Peonia Nobile (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Acqua di Parma for women and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-fresh. It is being marketed by LVMH.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBlack pepper, Raspberry
Heart Notes Heart NotesPeony, Egyptian geranium, Freesia, Turkish rose
Base Notes Base NotesAmber notes, Indonesian patchouli, Musk



7.6 (71 Ratings)


7.4 (60 Ratings)


6.8 (61 Ratings)


8.2 (65 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 01.11.2019
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In search of a peony
I love peonies and have been looking for my perfect peony for a long time. In this fragrance this note is clearly in the foreground. The character of this peony is very expressive, horse and raspberry complement the composition with the light, fiery but fresh sweetness. The scent lasts for a few hours on my skin, after which a more chemical, synthetic note develops, which comes along with it and which I cannot identify more precisely... Plastic? Despite the plastic note, I find this perfume very feminine, attractive and persistent. However, my search for the peony continues, I want to find exactly the one I experienced as a child in the garden of my grandmother:-)
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8.0 7.0 7.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    10
Peppered raspberries??
Acqua di Parma! Woohoooo!!!
Yes... I love Acqua di Parma. Well, that's mainly due to a scent. Well... NA? Who comes up with it?
3… 2… 1… …. Bah, nobody guessed, you're... stupid! D

I love fig scents, so the correct answer should be "Fico di Amalfi". I'm not one of those people who would force a scent on others, but you have to try Fico di Amalfi! But now! Hey he he he.

Of course, I've tried almost all of AdP's other fragrances, and I find most of them really great, though not all of them outstanding or overwhelming. Nevertheless I always try out with a lot of joy (new) fragrances of this brand, which I do not yet know or have tested, like this fragrance here, from which I got a sample of a dear perfume.

Let's see what the fragrance has to offer. Aaaargh, I see pepper AND raspberry in the top note. Is it okay to throw these scents together in one pot? I mean, you don't sprinkle pepper on raspberries, do you? On the other hand... nowhere else have I seen so many freaks and strange people in one heap as here on Parfumo... you are known to be capable of everything, so why not peppered raspberries?
Maybe you even take part in these stupid, current "Kiki-Challenges", where you yourself or the passenger in the car get out of the car at very slow speed and dance and walk beside the slow moving car (and admittedly, the girls in most videos look really hot *seeeufz*) mu ha ha ha ha :DD

The fragrance:
Yeah, I actually smell raspberries with pepper on them. Some crazy nose probably thought that this combination was a good idea... and she or he was even right :D
Because it doesn't even smell as strange as you might think. The pepper gives the fragrance a certain spice, but in an unobtrusive, gentle way without suffocating, especially in this heat. The raspberries give it a sweet-fruity note and in the background you can see pure scents. Roses that go well with raspberries and have a slightly sweet-floral aura as well as a slightly sour scent are quickly added.
The pepper disappears a little later almost completely and one smells then more and more roses as well as further flowery notes, presumably the Freesien. The sweetness of the fragrance is still present, but it becomes a little weaker, so you can better perceive the slightly sour, but nice fragrance of the roses. Even later one finally recognizes the other flowery scents as freesias. They smell springlike, nice, but also slightly flowery and sticky, well... I always feel that way. But it's not bad here :D
Otherwise there are still roses with light, sweet scents. A little later, the patchouli also gives off its earthy scent (albeit slightly), but it remains mostly flowery.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is okay. No really strong scent, but you don't have to get very close to it to smell the scent on one. But especially in the warmer summer it is still very smelly.
I found the shelf life particularly good for a summery fragrance, as it already lasted six to eight hours.

The bottle:
The bottle has the same shape as most Acqua di Parma bottles, only it is flatter, but a little thicker. It is therefore cylindrical, with a slight trapezoidal ascent in height. The same goes for the golden lid. The golden label shows name and logo. And the pink scent liquid makes the bottle look particularly beautiful. All in all very successful.

So, I really liked the smell. And no, I'm not saying that now because it's an Acqua di Parma fragrance and one of my favourite fragrances comes from this manufacturer (Fico di Amalfi), but because the fragrance... well... just really smells good. It may seem unusual on the first nose to sniff out peppery raspberries at the beginning, but then the fragrance becomes a very beautiful spring scent, which also works in summer, when it shouldn't be too hot, because the floral notes could sometimes appear a little overwhelmingly stuffy in the heat.
Anyway, the fragrance fits into the day as well as into the evening activities. So I'd try it sometime :)

... uh... say, could it be that in my introduction I once again hacked around with perfumes and perfumos, in which I said that you could do anything stupid here? :D
I just can't help it... and in this heat (especially today when it's especially hot), I can't even run away (because it's just too exhausting) if you come up to me with pitchforks... On the other hand, you too would probably find it difficult and slow to move, ... nobody likes to move in this heat and would rather sit somewhere in the shade! That's why I can happily pick on you guys! You'll never catch me! :D
To quote Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean: "You will never forget this day when you almost caught DonJuanDeCat!" DD
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Simple Staple Recipe
This is an example, or nearly so, of a simple staple of perfumery: take a flower, or a bouquet of two or three flowers, in form of attar or absolute, or whatever, depending on what quality brackett uw're aiming at; perhaps add a little pepper or patchouli - something to °roughen° it a little, as a buffer against its becoming somewhat cloying; and then swathe it in lavish amounts of lovely whoozy-swoony musk. That's more-or-less what the Narciso Rodriguez 'fumes are; and more-or-less what these ~[...] Nobile~ range 'fumes are. If I were somehow confined to one-&-one-only perfume °idiom° for evermore, I think I would choose this one. And this particular 'fume is breathtaking (pretty much literally by reason of its muskiness (I'm sure musk ought to be given ^much^ more prominence in the notes list - like, the biggest font of all, even)), and yet I gather from a summary perusal that this may be the least popular of that range.

And coming back after a few hours, I would say this is a fairly ¯non-linear¯ fragrance in that whereas it began as a bright, transparent, airy-watery in that certain way musk has of engendering that quality, sort of 'fume, it's now more of a dark, sultry ambry one.
8.0 7.0 7.0 9.0/10

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Peony bliss
This is what I wanted Lola to smell like! Pure peoney bliss, yet wearable. Flowery, fruity, juicy peony with great silage and longevity which is where Marc Jacobs Lola let me down.
Beautiful spring/ summer scent, very well made, love it :)

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